Why is My Ficus Tree Dropping Leaves?

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Ficus trees are highly sought-after houseplants. The lush fiddle leaf fig is one of the most well-known, but other species, like the weeping fig or rubber tree, are often featured in indoor gardens.

Unfortunately, as stunning and popular as these trees are, they do come with a common issue that even experienced houseplant parents struggle with – leaf drop. Weeping figs and fiddle leaf figs are notorious for this issue (have you seen the video of a gardener taping the leaves back onto their fiddle leaf branches?). However, most ficus species grown indoors share the same issues.

There are several causes of leaf drop in ficus trees, but most are not the end of the world. With a better understanding of what makes these plants tick, you can avoid potential leaf drop in the future to ensure your plants always look lush.