What’s the Best Potting Mix For Christmas Cactus?

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With the holiday season in full swing, holiday cacti are given to hosts and hostesses everywhere. These plants make great gifts for two reasons: they bloom in the stark winter months and are easy to care for. No matter how low-maintenance they can be, the health and happiness of your plant start with its growing conditions: first and foremost, its soil. 

Generally, Christmas cacti are easy plants. Place them in bright but indirect light, and you can mostly forget about them as they can take a little neglect. However, some problems can materialize. The most common reason for plant loss with succulents is overwatering.

This is where the importance of potting mix comes into play. While regular potting soil will work just fine if you are a forgetful gardener, this type of mix may cause root rot issues if you tend to be heavy-handed with your watering. 

If you are a new parent to a holiday cactus and you want to give it the best chance at surviving and thriving for years to come, let’s find the best soil mix for its needs!